We are a multidisciplinary and international office for urban design and landscape architecture.

We see urban planning and landscape architecture as disciplines targeting communities, by listening, understanding and clarifying needs, while saving and optimizing resources.

Our design process is guided by simplicity and effectiveness. We believe in planning and designing for sustainability. We are committed to quality design to satisfy the needs of people, which should always participate to the design process.

Identity for us is a priority. Our design aims at preserving it or creating it, giving values to places through their natural and cultural heritage, or shaping their new life with space, which encourages people in using it with sense of belonging.

From private gardens to public open spaces, squares and parks, up to neighbourhoods, city planning and spatial concepts, we provide tailored projects, cooperating with a range of other professionals, in a straight-forward and well organized way, by means of team and project management skills throughout all working phases.

Sharing knowledge for us is a value, as much as learning from others. We believe in the importance of a constant relationship with the professional scene, through conventions, our engagement in professional associations as well as cooperation with universities and schools. We consider education a central theme of our professional growth and inspiration.